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cordless massager
Established in 1997, Aimeili Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China custom cordless massager sale and cheap cordless massagers manufacturer, wholesale. Our products are applied in the fields of beauty, salon, hair-dressing and health care. Our company has got the authority to distribute several kinds of the equipment globally. Some of design cordless massager have got European CE certificate, FDA certificate, ISO9001:2001 certificate, ISO13485:2003 certificate and some other certificates.
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cordless massager
The device is powered by an on-board rechargeable battery so offers convenient cordless use with a base unit serving to top up the juice whenever the device is stowed. The Rechargeable Mini Massager offers four nodes (feet) which illuminate when the device is powered-up (the term ‘powered-up’ seems wholly more fitting than using ‘switched on’) and has been designed to fit snugly in your hand whilst offering what the website refers to as ‘surprisingly powerful vibrations’ (steady on) to ease muscle tension in your neck, shoulders, legs and back.
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cordless massagers
The unique European design of the Natural Contours Ideal Massager allows either the left or right hand to comfortably and easily reach the head, shoulders and spine. A high quality Japanese motor offers the choice of two powerful speeds. The smooth spring touch head helps get to those hard-to-reach areas of the neck and back. Cordless and fully rechargable, the Natural Contours Ideal Massager runs for sixty minutes on a single charge.
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